Never a Dull Moment

Why do flight attendants stay in their career for so long? What gives them so much job-satisfaction? What keeps their interest? These are very easy questions to answer. There is never a dull moment! No two days are the same. An average flying day can be full of twists and turns: A routine flight can turn into a medical emergency or adverse weather may cause your aircraft to divert to another airport. Compared to a “9 to 5” career you don’t work as many hours, you rarely see the same passengers twice and you rarely drive in peak hour traffic. It is a great opportunity to see your country and the world. Where else can you shop in Hong Kong, have lunch in Hobart or improve your suntan on the Gold Coast or Honolulu?

In this unique career, you work with different crew every day and your passengers come from all walks of life. You will encounter the “rich and famous”, heads of countries, unaccompanied children, non-English speaking passengers, football teams, nervous first-time flyers and the seasoned flyers. Most airlines offer fantastic rewards not to mention the heavily discounted staff travel benefits for yourself and your family. To fly for an airline is an opportunity to develop and fine-tune your customer service skills, to communicate with passengers in other languages, to deliver service excellence, to develop your career path and above all to be an ambassador for your country.

The flying lifestyle combines very well with raising children and offers flexibility for the demands of tertiary studies. Different airlines offer different styles of flying to fit in with your requirements, therefore offering you choices. For example: a junior flight attendant with no family commitments can weave their roster into their social life, sporting interests, hobbies, or tertiary studies. This career can then “grow” with the flight attendant where rosters can be worked around the demands of raising children and accommodating such events as school canteen duty, school concerts and athletic carnivals. Full-time, part-time and casual flying is now available with selected airlines. To achieve your “dream career”, preparation is most critical. When airlines hold recruitment drives, it is not unusual for 5,000 candidates to apply for only 100 flight attendant positions.

Our interview and career preparation manual answers all your questions, provides you with important background information and most importantly prepares you for an extremely competitive interview process. After you have read this book, you will feel confident to tackle any interview scenario or “killer question”. This book provides you with all the information and answers to give you the edge over all the other applicants. You will know what to expect from day one of your training school and the lifestyle that flying offers, to enjoy many years of a career where there is “never a dull moment”.